Monday, April 11, 2016

BBIM Sports Day 2016 - Sehari Selepas...

Semalam adalah Sports Day skolah Ilham. So hari ni skolah tutup. Makanya, kena la mama bawak Ilham p opis. 

Ilham mmg pemalu skit. Bekpas adalah French Toast with Cheese yang berharga RM1.50 utk satu 3-segi cam tu. Sb Ilham suke cheese, habis dia makan sekeping.

Tetiba mama kena panggil meetg. Lps meetg ada sambungan pulak meetg tersebut di bhg lain. So mama tpaksa tinggalkan Ilham kat opis n mintak tolong kengkawan tengokkan. 

Dlm pukul 1 lebih mama berjaya menterbalikkan diri ke opis.

Bawak Ilham p kafe n bli makanan, makan kat bilik je.

Luqman ske Lamb Kabsah nie. Ilham xbape nak suke. So byk makan nasi je. Daging kambing yg lembut n xberbau tu xbape nak makan.

Mama dah balik, Ilham is hepi. Men lukis2 n lipat2 kertas.

Drp citer kengkawan, opis mate n boss yg tolg tetengokkan Ilham, sume ckp Ilham senyap xmo cakap. Jalan2 merata opis, tp senyap. Singgah bilik member mama yg dia recognise sb pernah jumpa sebelum nie, pon senyum n senyap je. Nak p toilet masa mama xde, xckp dgn sesapa walaupun ramai yg tanya. Sampai la dijumpai oleh Unty Isz, Ilham sdg duduk kat sofa tepi pintu kua. Dah tanya banyak kali nk g toilet ke tak, baru angguk. So Unty Isz pon anta la p toilet.

Masuk kete xlama, Ilham pon pingsan.

Tido smpai berdengkur2. Bila smpai, mama nak kejutkan pon xsmpai hati.

Turun kete, jalan kaki nak balik rumah. Naik tangga smpai tingkat 4. Boleh pulak dia sambung tdo. Letihh betul nampaknya. Bak kate Maiti.."Kesimpulannya, jgn p opis mama. Nanti letihhh". Hahahahaha..

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mama's House

Luqman: I don't wanna live at this awful house anymore..

Ilham: Abah, can we go and stay at Mama's house that can recreate by itself everyday after we made a mess?

- Banyak cantik muke korg -

Friday, August 21, 2015

My mom's a mermaid

Kanak2 is berborak n berborak sesame dorg dlm bilik xbenti2 mcm bese. They had their milk, their room's dark, supposedly ready to sleep. But that was an hour ago. Then suddenly both came outside..

Ilham: Mama..r u a mermaid?

Mama: Yes. I am. Abah fish me out from the ocean using a fishing rod, like this (fishing rod-action)

(Luqman & Ilham laughs)

Ilham: But you came from Nenek mama!

(Mama still laughing)

Mama: Nenek is mermaid too..

(Everyone laughs)

Luqman: Then Abah must have fish Nenek out of the water too..and you inside nenek tummy..

Ilham: And abah bring nenek to hospital and come out mama, like a baby

(Mama is laughing..abis la budak nie dah start merepek 😅)

So they went back to their room and start speculating. Mama is geleng kepale je la 😝

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

30 Minit Ustaz Don

Mama bukak tv konon nk kasi kanak2 tgk smbil tgu mama nk buat susu. Tiba2 ada org start bcerita bila channel tv smpai kat 30-minit-ustaz-don.

"Mama..last time when i was 3 yrs old, i always watch this until finish and then after that atok will let me watch lots of cartoon."

"I always wake up early when the bird is singing..and i will watch this movie and then atok give me watch many cartoon.."

Dok la ulang3..

Kanak2 pon pandai mengimbau 😏

So tgk ustaz don kita mlm nie..

P/s: kanak2 itu adalah Ilham

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya!

Akhirnya..setelah 12 hari menanti. Hari raya menjelma jua akhirnya. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Luqman's 1st sing-a-long

I have always waited for my sons' first sing-a-long. Not the A-B-C kinda sing-a-long but rather a real song.

To my surprise..Luqman sang Zombie by The Cranberries. What a choice! :o

Definitely not perfect..just the chorus. He started when the radio announcer said the song line up. Abang was driving and I sat at the passenger seat beside him. Both of us looked at each other, puzzled..but then smiled a strange smile :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ups and downs

Feeling nk benti kje mai dahh... :(

When ur workplace becomes too demotivating...(sigh)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Feeling Lost

If u drag urself to work everyday feeling u wanna quit ur job, what would you do? 

Been feeling like this for almost half a year now..

I wish I just have to think about myself and not others, especially my loved ones..

I wish there's nothing at stake at all..

 wish the answer AND ACTION can come easy..

Oo Allah..please forgive me. I am very grateful to all your gift to me. Please show me the way for which is best for me and my family..Amiin..

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Will You Marry Me?

Came back from an ordinary..tiring day 
I was feeding the kids macaroni in homemade chicken soup while we watch Frozen, Ilham's choice of movie for the day. Honestly I was quite surprise by the movie chosen, but it's been more than half a year since all of us watch it so, neither Luqman or myself are complaining. 

Abang came back close to 8pm. After he shut the door behind him, I put down the bowl of food and went to greet him. As I step closer, he caught me by surprise when he went on one knee and propose to me.

I was speechless! Time seem to stop entirely. Though it was just like about 2 seconds, before we broke into laughter. It sure made my day (and a may be few more)..BIG time.

He was actually, just spontaniously and jockingly mock the scene from Frozen at that point of time, where Prince Hans propose to Princess Anna right after they finish their duet.

He's always crazy like that, being a clown and doing unexpected things without even thinking. But that's one of the things that never fail to make me fall in love with him again and again. Tq cayang!

See..wasnt really hard to made a tired wife's day and the next and the next a whole lot brighter. U dont even need to waste a single cent..dont even need to do much. I dont know about others, but it worked for me :)


Luqman and Ilham saw the whole 'proposing' scene and straightaway shouted.."But abah n mama are already married. You cannot marry again?". And the father replied,"Why not? I love her so much. Of course I can propose to her whenever I want." And everyone's giggling..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

5-days public holiday

You know what I felt about this time's long holidays...WASTED.

Why does it have to be this way every time?