Friday, August 21, 2015

My mom's a mermaid

Kanak2 is berborak n berborak sesame dorg dlm bilik xbenti2 mcm bese. They had their milk, their room's dark, supposedly ready to sleep. But that was an hour ago. Then suddenly both came outside..

Ilham: Mama..r u a mermaid?

Mama: Yes. I am. Abah fish me out from the ocean using a fishing rod, like this (fishing rod-action)

(Luqman & Ilham laughs)

Ilham: But you came from Nenek mama!

(Mama still laughing)

Mama: Nenek is mermaid too..

(Everyone laughs)

Luqman: Then Abah must have fish Nenek out of the water too..and you inside nenek tummy..

Ilham: And abah bring nenek to hospital and come out mama, like a baby

(Mama is laughing..abis la budak nie dah start merepek 😅)

So they went back to their room and start speculating. Mama is geleng kepale je la 😝

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

30 Minit Ustaz Don

Mama bukak tv konon nk kasi kanak2 tgk smbil tgu mama nk buat susu. Tiba2 ada org start bcerita bila channel tv smpai kat 30-minit-ustaz-don.

"Mama..last time when i was 3 yrs old, i always watch this until finish and then after that atok will let me watch lots of cartoon."

"I always wake up early when the bird is singing..and i will watch this movie and then atok give me watch many cartoon.."

Dok la ulang3..

Kanak2 pon pandai mengimbau 😏

So tgk ustaz don kita mlm nie..

P/s: kanak2 itu adalah Ilham