Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dining Out on 24th May 2008

Hmm....lepas lame peristiwe nie berlaku, baru skang nk wat entry :P

Xkesah la...tgu gambo. Asik citer je xde gambo pon xbest ek? :) Peristiwe nie bersejarah sebab untuk pertama kalinye kami sekeluarge kua makan malam kat lua same2 (abah blanje lak tu, ade ahli famili baru lak tu...nyeh3... :P ). Secara tradisinye, famili kami bukan la jenis yg mkn kat lua. KFC atau Pizza Hut pon slalunye beli bawak balik mkn kat umah atau delivery. Besenye, mmg home-cook-meal aa..

Tengok ABC tu...yummii kan!!

Rasenye, hari nie (24 May '08) adalah hari dalam sejarah juga la sebab untuk pertama kalinye abah balik kampung sejak lepas terlantar sakit itu hari. Tu pon sebab anak pompuan sulong paklong kawin. Waktu aku kawin dlu, paklong siap datang tdo kat umh sume. Tu yg xsedap kalu abah xdpt g kenduri anak die tu. Ala2 membalas budi a kirenye. Nasib baik abah ok. Kitorg sume sgt isau sbnrnye. Ye la, takut kalu2 die balik terus terdemam ke sebab siang tu mmg panas sgt, atau kaki die jadi bengkak ke. Alhamdulillah...xde pape. Kaki bengkak skit la kot , kejap. But the rest = ok. Die nmpk sgt hepi hari tu (tho didnt really able to capture it thru photo). Kalu nk ikotkan mmg penat. Tapi die bole lg ajak g makan kat lua, siap blanje tu yg xtahan tu. Ish3...

Tp mmg best aaa. Tambh2 dengan mk & adik2 ku yg pening-happening nih.

Check out d pics!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Emo..Meemo..I Got A Pet Fish Nemo....

Hahaa....Tis post has nothing to do wit nemo, really...hihiii

Tis week has been really hectic. Really challenged my skill of time management, prioritising tasks and multitasking as well. Thanx to JV Marc, i'm able to put those skills to use once again just like an adolescent cub rediscovered the use of its paws. Truth it, the workload are like doubled, deadlines seemed tighter n add-hock task keep filling in (also with deadlines..huhuu). So I just have to properly & quickly plan & execute, to make things happen. Tho I manage to squeeze in some personal tasks at the same time. All of it just left me tired by the time I got home. Huhuuuu..penatnye. Penat otak! Hmm....(blabber...).

Ok. Usually when we talk about emo, negative tots started to appear. But not to me tis time. Just now, during the not-so-short break-on-Friday :P , along wit 3 other girls, we went to see movie. Yup a real movie, in Alamanda. Wat movie? Sepi...

Wat am I doing watching Sepi? Tat's so not like me. I tot tat too. Actually, I just went wit the girls just to run away for a while from the busy-dizzying jobs i'm on (in the office tat is). One of them was so excited to watch it since last week, without no one to accompany her. Another 2 joined in. Tat's when I came in. Nothing cross my mind nor did I expect much (in fact I was expecting a crap..ish3...).'s just a Malay movie rite? :P Wrong!

Movie starts at 12.20. We came at 12.30 and it already started. Found our seat. Only half of it was full & 90% was girls (the other 10% was too dark for me to notice..hihii)

All in all...I like it. Never saw Malay movie (in cinema) for ages (and I mean ages). The last one was...i just couldn't remember. Simply said it must be more than 5 years ago. Huhuu...

It's nothing too heavy tho. But i've to praise the song directing. Not only it complements the whole story, but it makes it alive. Really help enhances the emo (which was the main subject of the story). Vanidah Imran was just so beautiful (in a classical-elegant way) even with minimum make up. Eja was to (my hb used to like her :P ) but Vanidah was better. Afdlin & Vanidah was just great. They fit into character effortlessly (but then nothing less expected from them rite). Others was ok. The story was ok. Not enuf to make me cry tho. But I did enjoy it. Other than tat, I must say the location selected for the scenes was good. The director manipulated space & colour very well (tho I dont really like imaan's skirts and her wig. Sheesh...). But thank goodness the movie ended happy ending. Fuuhh.....(Felt like Deja-vu a few times. Heheh..ceduk2 was inevitable. What's new..).

Last but not least. I'm gonna recommend tis movie to anyone who has felt or experience love and passion. Not necessaryly lovers. More to it in general. More like a deep passionate feeling towards ur loved ones, be it mother, brother, friends, etc. It definitely help to remind u of ur loved ones whoever & wherever they are. Not for young growing kids highly prone to boredom. Cos there's no action at all. Just deep emo. Not to slow but not fast either. Almost like a swan swimming gracefully in a lake. Enuf to make me forgot tat it was Friday & tat i've to get my ass back to the office & start working. Hmm.. (muncung). To bad rite. Never the less, i'm glad I went for it. To me, it worth my RM8 and it left me dreamy 7 smiling after we left the movie hall. Tho now i'm back to my lil cubicle. Somehow I felt more spirited & wide-eyed. Hihiii...(tak saba wanna go back n hug my hb :P )